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Practical Business Systems is a software development company based in Greenville, South Carolina specializing in integrated websites. In this fast-paced economy, it's critical for your website to be kept up to date and for you to track the activity on your website. Our designs allow your business systems to automatically record and reflect transactions on your website, and vice versa.

E-commerce, or doing business via the Internet, has generated a lot of claims about how a website can "revolutionize your business!" Many companies, unfortunately, have made the expensive discovery that it takes a lot more than a slick-looking website to make money online.

At Practical Business Systems, we enjoy technology as much as anyone. But we think using technology for technology's sake is wasteful. Our approach to design and development of web-based systems is - guess what? - practical. We balance a broad spectrum of considerations, such as user needs, search engine requirements, and workload involved in maintaining a site, before making any recommendations. Our web pages are designed so search engines can easily find and index your site, and so users can rapidly access your information. We also make sites easy to navigate and quick to load so, once users are there, they don't get frustrated and leave.

Frankly, our name says it all: Practical Business Systems. We believe most businesses want a practical way to increase revenue and traffic. So, even though our gifted team of programmers, consultants, and designers are capable of creating the snazziest website you can imagine, we focus on showing you how to be successful instead of showing off.

There's nothing in today's technology that the PBS team can't tackle, but we realize your investment is just that - an investment - which means you want your money back. That's why the first thing we'll do, after you call us, is prepare a comprehensive analysis factoring in your specific needs, goals, and limitations regarding what you can expect to achieve and what you can expect to pay. And get this: if we don't think your company can benefit from one of our websites, or if your expectations exceed what's realistic, we'll tell you so. We feel that's only fair - and practical.

Just so you'll know, though, one of our customers has shown a 6044 percent increase in traffic (yes, you read that number correctly) since we redesigned their website. The increase in product views is even more amazing; they're up 6540 percent! Plus, most of the company's incoming calls now are from qualified customers who already know what they want. That's not hype, folks; that's results. And if you're wondering about sales? Those are up 400 percent. Think about it; if you had 60 times more customers looking at your products, how would your sales be impacted?

At Practical Business Systems, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to offer you the utmost in Internet accessibility. And we offer it at a practical price - with a promise that if you don't need something, we'll never tell you that you do.

Contact us today and let us take you to a new level of technology - with a practical bottom line!

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