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We know what a hassle it can be to deal with multiple vendors to complete a project. We also know it can be both unproductive and expensive. That's why at Practical Business Systems we are a full service provider. We have the expertise to take a project from beginning to end with a complete solution. We'll tell you what pieces you'll need and give you the option of providing some of these pieces yourself. However, if you want a full solution, we're happy (and qualified!) to do it all. Some companies refuse to deal with hardware, others won't touch networks, and others will advise but won't do the actual work. We are a full service information technology company, and that includes hardware, software, networks, websites, crawling in the attic, crawling under the desk, and even bringing in the occasional bag of donuts.

Here's something you should know: if you're still sharing information on a peer-to-peer network, you're begging for a major headache. Today's viruses are network savvy and will contaminate one machine after another if given even the slightest chance. We can build a network to make your employees more productive without risking your data. And if you don't have a network, we can build one for you. Because of our methods, we can build a reliable network for a fraction of the cost most companies charge. We use Linux on our servers, which makes it highly unlikely that an infected computer can propagate a virus through your network.

Also, face the fact, eventually, every hard drive will fail. Moving parts wear down and a hard drive is no exception. Is your data backed up? Can you afford to lose it? We build servers for under two thousand dollars that can withstand a drive failure without losing data.

If you need a network, or a better one then you have, contact us today at 864-242-6896. We'll take you to a new level of technology - at a practical price!

PH: 864.242.6896