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Integrated Website

Our integrated website links your business operations directly to your website. For example, when you add inventory items to your stock, your website inventory can be updated - literally! - with the push of a button. Want your Internet customers to know what you have to sell, but don't want to have to re-enter data over and over, or write HTML code? No problem! With our integrated website, you don't have to. Records get updated automatically.

Let's say your website allows customers to enter their name and contact information directly into your website. You don't want to have to enter all those details again - and you don't have to. Our design lets you simply process the order, or respond to a customer's inquiry, and contact information is instantly absorbed into your database.

Because our websites become an integral part of your business, valuable marketing details such as who's visiting your website, how long they stay, and where they linked from, are readily at your fingertips. And if you're spending money on advertising, it would be great know if it's working, wouldn't it? Our website can even help you track that.

How about when a customer requests a quote? Our websites allow you to prepare one quickly and easily, then track all the resulting, related correspondence. Few things are as embarrasing as not being able to tell a customer what price you quoted, or to confirm any special concessions you might have made. An integrated website can also save you from unscrupulous sorts who might try to alter figures or documents and claim that's what you sent them. Our website design even allows for consignment sales without revealing that information to web browsers. Vendors upload items and information themselves, which you then approve before adding it to your website.

Any company without a web presence in today's business environment is severely handicapped. Call us and we'll help you determine if our integrated website is the best way for you to get ahead.

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