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What is JSP?

JSP, or Java Server Pages, are used to build complex integrated websites that can dynamically provide data to users. The biggest advantage of JavaServer Pages is tht you program in the same language as the backend system lowering costs and improving quality.

Another major advantage of JavaServer Pages is that your system cn grow as your site grows without having to resort to a webstie rewrite. Platforms can be changed and upgrading with oftentimes no change in code at all. Our preferred platforn of course is Linux, but even when customer's prefer a different platform it can be accomodated quite easily.

As Practical Business System builders our main concern is that of total cost and in this area JavaServer Pages excells. The entire system can be built all on non-proprietary software saving thousnads of dollars in licensing fees. Those savings can be transferred into more functionality for your website and more money into your pocket.

If you need a dynamic website capable of keeping up with your changing business needs please give us a call at (864) 901-3128 for a free consultation about our services.

PH: 864.242.6896