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Time & Billing

Our Time and Billing Sytem will save you countless hours of labor and dramatically increase your billing percentages. Being web-based, it's ideal for consulting companies with employees who spend as many hours on the road as in the office. Our unique system tracks clients, projects, budgets, hours worked, and billing amounts. It can even generate invoices from data entered by remote users. Reports for employee productivity, project manager productivity, invoiced amounts, and dozens more are readily available. And if you need other reports we haven't thought of, we can build those in as well.

We're so satisfied with our Time & Billing System, we use it ourselves. Employees love the convenience of our system - and accountants do, too - no more frantic phone calls trying to get data entered so billing can get done on time, no more excuses for lost or late time sheets. In the field or in the office, employees can enter billable hours and project details 24 hours a day. All they need is access to the Internet, the web address of their online time card, and a password. Entering billable hours as they happen means increased profits, fewer errors and oversights, less frustration, and a vastly improved level of accuracy.

Even better than all that, though, is the flexibility of our system. If necessary, every single one of your projects can have its own billing rates. Or, they can be billed from a speficied set of configurable rates. That means if you decide a one-time discount might appease a disgruntled customer, or you want to give a break to a customer with a bug that has everyone stumped, you can do it without sending your accounting department into a tailspin.

With our Time & Billing System, you can trade in paper timesheets and overstuffed filing cabinets for permanent documentation of pertinent data in a secure electronic database. Years' worth of information will be at your fingertips, retrievable with a just a few key clicks. In addition to being able to pull complete histories of projects, accounts, and employee performance, our system lets you create impressive proposals, too. Your customers will appreciate the detailed analysis that explains exactly what they got for their money; you'll appreciate the detailed analysis that lets you avoid over and underbidding!

A Time & Billing System that increases productivity and profits is only practical. Call us at 864.242.6896 if you want to learn more.